Leader in high quality steel wool processing

40 years of experience and presence in the national and international markets makes Lunik Star a reference point for the largest distribution chain throughout Europe.

Our characteristics

The continuous research for improvement, the flexibility and the speed in responding to customers requests are the major strengths of Lunik Star. These characteristics makes the company stands out on the European and worldwide scene, always maintaining high quality standards.

Quality of materials

Researching and development of raw material used to produce high quality products has always been a key point for Lunik Star.

Automated processes

Lunik star can guarantee high quality products at low price since the production departments are highly automated.

Quality control

Special attention is given to the control of processes, starting from the transformation of raw material to the realization of the finished product.

Planned deliveries

Delivery on time makes Lunik Star a reliable and prestigious business partner. A large capacity warehouse for raw materials guarantees a constant flow of goods to our customers’ warehouse.

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Environmental sustainability

Lunik Star has always been conscious about the importance of the environment and in fact it is a company with a low environmental impact. Lunik Star has been constantly committed to promote better solutions to bring industry and environment closer in an eco-green way.

Oil free

Production at Lunik Star is oil free, this makes our products odourless, non-oily and without any qualitative alteration.

Eco friendly

The packaging used complies with the latest waste disposal regulations, being able to reach 99% of recyclable product.

Zero waste

In the last few years Lunik Star has invested in the improvement of production processes with the goal of minimizing production waste.

Natural soap

Our natural soap is entirely produced in company, 100% vegetable and biodegradable,coming from eco-sustainable sources.


Lunik Star achieved ISO 9001:2015 quality certification in 2020.